Legends Collide

In collaboration with Gundar’s creator dBeverly, the legendary strongman of the jungle encounters with a legendary  fearsome tribe.

picture galley  houses a sample of dBeverly’s illustrations

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

In an unequal battle for supremacy, it takes all Gundar has got to survive.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Humiliatingly toyed with.  Brutally abused

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

He saves his hide –  by the skin of his teeth.

Chapter 7

Afterdark’s Picture panels

Afterdark kindly illustrated his take on Gundar’s capture by the Amari


4 thoughts on “Gundar

  1. What an amazing homoerotic story…with incredible illustrations. The detail of the artwork, though a morph style imagery, almost looks like like a medical illustration. Love the work wish the story could continue….what happens after the ultimate escape?

    • Many thanks. But nearly all of the appreciation goes to dBeverly. He had created the character and written a number of illustrated stories before he invited me to join in. He was great to work with, flexible and open to ideas.
      In fact, a sequel was planned, another adventure, not a continuation. But it never got finished, life got in the way. A lot of text was written. And then it got morphed too. Check out the Korak story “Survival” in rendsz’ world repository. Gundar’s exploits were split between Korak and his SF friend Kwesi. Especially the supernatural elements all stem from the Gundar original.
      But without dBeverly’s illustrations, it was always going to be second-best.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

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